I started making infographics while I was at UNH for a couple different sociology classes, and it turns out they’re super fun to make! I have big plans for future infographics and other educational visuals. If you have an idea for an infographic you’d like to see, jump over to the contact me page and send me a message!

1. “Did we just have sex?” infographic

This infographic was made for my sociology of sexual behavior class at the University of New Hampshire, taught by the outstanding Nena Stracuzzi. This one was definitely a challenge, but a ton of fun as always. I really wanted to get people thinking about how we think about and define sex.

2. Treehouse infographic

My dad, Erik J. Heels, runs a one-of-a-kind networking group in the greater Boston area known as Treehouse. Below is the infographic I made to promote Treehouse.