Thank you, UNH sociology.

I received a very special package in the mail today. Inside was a program listing all the 2020 UNH sociology graduates and faculty, my salmon colored sociology graduation cords, and a heartfelt letter from Professor Moran. I’m writing this because I want to share a quote from her letter:

“In a 1988 interview, French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu said of sociology, ‘we are always walking on hot coals, and the things we discuss are alive, they’re not dead and buried.’” She continues, “To be sure, these times are tumultuous, but you have tools for understanding this. There are myriad social problems, but you have spent these past few years developing a perspective on the structural roots of the issues. Society is posing many questions, but you know how to find evidence-based answers. Pierre Bourdieu was right, my friends: the issues of sociology are alive. They are hot coals under your feet. Use these to light the right fires.”

Thank you so much. I will, I promise.

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